We Bring Good Things to Life

We Bring Good Things to Life

We Bring Good Things to Life

dental insurance

Our vision is to become the Nordic region's best provider of dental health insurance. Our goal is to improve the general population dental health and prevent dental problems by creating awareness about how important oral health is to the body and highlighting the clear causal link between poor dental health and other serious illnesses.

Employee/member benefits that ensure good dental health. Reduces sick leave and risk of other health problems/illnesses. Dental health insurance is experienced by our corporate customers as a new and popular employee/member benefit.

Good dental health prevents other health problems, reduces sickness absence considerably and is profitable at company level as well as from a socio-economic perspective.

The insurance requires and ensures that you go to annual dental check-ups, which also prevents the development of a number of partially serious diseases and ailments that are detected at an early stage. An employee with healthy teeth is a smiling employee and there is a lot of good health in a healthy tooth!

Dentists have good medical knowledge beyond their own field of expertise. The dentist informs and refers the patient to specialists where this is relevant and necessary.
Smart Delay

Easing flight delay frustration in an instant. If a delay occurs, you will receive free access to designated airport lounges around the world, where you can relax in comfort while waiting for your flight. You and your travelling companion can enjoy a quiet and comfortable place to relax, whether you are travelling for work or vacation.

Access to airport lounge:

You and your traveling companion can enjoy a quiet and comfortable place to relax, whether you are traveling for work or on vacation.

Most lounges offer:

   > Free snacks and refreshments
   > Free newspapers and magazines
   > Free Wi-Fi and charging stations
   > Conference and job facilities

How it works:

Registration of aircraft must be done before the planned departure of the aircraft. You must register all additional flights and return flights separately.

You will receive a confirmation email to acknowledge your registration.

When your flight is delayed by 60 minutes or more, you will automatically receive an email with information about your lounge access.

Watch a complementary video on SmartDelay here:

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ID sentry

The risk of ID theft increases with the use of the Internet or contact with other people, using your identity or financial information to register for the purchase of goods or services. ID Sentry is proactive protection, which helps keep customers safe while online. Monitoring personal information to identify if a customer is at risk. Provide guidance and support if cards or documents are lost/stolen or if the customer has ID concerns.

Identity theft is when someone obtains, possesses, transfers, uses or appears as the rightful holder of an identification card or the personal information of a person to commit financial fraud. Examples include buying goods, opening a bank account, registering a phone subscription, or applying for a credit card or loan using someone else's identity as their own.

When a data breach occurs, your customers want reassurance that their personal details are protected, and they expect that you will provide a service that helps them prevent their data being used fraudulently. Providing ID Sentry rapidly to your customers will enable them to protect their personal and financial information and help restore your customers’ loyalty to your brand. ID Sentry monitors the web (public/deep/dark) for instances of personal or financial information that could increase the risk of identity fraud, together with monitoring against a database of compromised data collected from the dark web.

Customers receive a regular assessment of their risk status, together with email alerts where information is identified as at risk. Optional software enables customers to protect their personal profiles from phishing or malware attacks that might seek to gather further confidential information.

IDSentry is software and mobile apps, which protects, detects and resolves most problems that may arise, either on your PC, tablet, or mobile phone.

ID Sentry is a personal identity protection solution developed by Collinson

Protection across multiple devices

Mitigating online risks

Credit card and document Assistance

Protect, detect and resolve

ID Sentry is on call around the clock to protect your customers’ identities, while detecting identity theft risks online. Customers can rely on our expert service team to offer guidance on identity security highlight risks and identify any suspicious use. Whilst our bespoke software and mobile apps help safeguard your customers’ personal and financial information.


Collinson offers Travel Risk Management far beyond your duty of care. Exceptional solutions that ensure safety, well-being and productivity for business travellers wherever they may be. Collinson is a global leader in the provision of international medical, security and risk management services for travel.

Collinson has been trusted to look after the wellbeing of millions of business travellers and foreigners in every country in the world on behalf of multinational corporations, governments, non-governmental organizations and insurance companies.

Collinson and Drum Cussac
– Delivering a fully integrated travel risk management solution

To deliver best-in-class, end-to-end global travel risk management solution, Collinson has launched a strategic joint venture with Drum Cussac, the global risk and security consultancy. Our strategic partnership combines two of the world’s leading medical and security risk specialists and provides total peace of mind for any organization looking to mitigate organizational risk and safeguard their travelers’ wellbeing.

Collinson is a global leader in the provision of international medical, security and travel risk management services. We are trusted to look after the wellbeing of millions of business travelers and expatriates in every country of the world on behalf of Multi-National Corporations, Governments, NGO’s and Insurers.

Leveraging a heritage of over 55 years in emergency assistance, and operating out of 20 locations globally, Collinson’s 2,200 employees successfully deliver a broad range of services designed to ensure the safety, welfare and productivity of over 20 million people travelling, living and working in over 170 countries. Last year, we answered more than 1 million requests for assistance; responded to over 95,000 emergency calls; managed over 40,000 medical cases; and conducted over 3,000 aero-medical evacuations.

Our unique insight and expertise mean that we can deliver a robust and fully integrated suite of medical, security and travel risk management solutions that will meet the needs of your business. And we can provide opportunities for you to go beyond your duty of care responsibilities to further enhance the travel experience of your employees.

Priority Pass

Escape into a place that's perfect for business and vacations. Our lounges are quiet, connected spaces to relax or work in, with complimentary pre-flight bites and drinks that help you refresh and revive.

With Priority Pass you have access to over 1200 airport lounges worldwide and a choice of three membership plans to suit your particular traveling needs.

With a true global spread of lounges, we really do help you make the most of your membership. With 1200+ airport experiences in over 500 cities and 143 countries and more lounges being added every month, we look forward to helping you get even more out of your membership.

Sit down, stretch out, enjoy a pre-flight bite and a drink from the selection available, including free alcohol at most lounges.

With free Wi-Fi in most lounges you'll never be out of touch with friends, family and colleagues. And you can ensure your devices are all powered up before boarding by charging them in the lounge.

Priority Pass Members can now benefit from airport dining, retail and spa discounts. Easily redeem offers via the Priority Pass app or with your digital account.

Download the revamped Priority Pass app to access your Digital Membership Card*, airport maps, and a host of other digital features to enrich your airport experience.
* Digital Membership Card access will vary depending on your Priority Pass membership.

We promise to provide the very best service, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Our Membership Services team has expert, multilingual advisors who live and breathe Priority Pass every day.